Punggol will be realised as a Waterfront Town of the 21st Century. The key feature is having a new waterway that weaves through the town. The development area covers both sides of the waterway and comprises the Town Centre, Housing Districts (East and West), Town Park and Sports Complex.

This unique waterfront living along the Waterway will be shaped by distinctive architecture, water and lush greenery. It will be a conducive environment for every lifestyle with an emphasis on eco features and green technologies... the future of 'Green Homes.'

  • Calm, serene ambience for leisurely walks, reading and cycling.

  • Lively, vibrant water sports and facilities at Town Centre, Town Park and Sports Complex.
      Moving forward with the plans for Punggol, let's hear your ideas.
    - Punggol Residents / General Public / Students
    - Submission: Closed on 30 June 2008.
    - Exhibition of selected entries: On e-Ideas Gallery
    - Top 10 submissions will be given $1,000 cash each.
    - Good and feasible ideas will be translated into actual design.
    - Publication of selected entries.
    - Selected ideas will be posted online in the Ideas Gallery.
    - Submission may be in any media eg. drawings, photographs, a written piece, poetry etc (minimum : 1 X A4 sheet; maximum : 8 X A4 sheets). You may include a written description of up to 300 words.
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