Punggol will be realised as a Waterfront Town of the 21st Century. The key feature is having a new waterway that weaves through the town. The development area covers both sides of the waterway and comprises the Town Centre, Housing Districts (East and West), Town Park and Sports Complex.

To gather public feedback on how to bring about the unique waterfront living along the waterway, a Call for Ideas Exercise (see details for exercise) was launched on 17 May 08 during the "Shaping My Punggol" Exhibition. The exercise had closed on 30 June 08. A total of about 390 submissions, in various formats including text, jingles, poems and drawings, were collected from the Punggol residents, schools / organisation and the general public. Prizes awarded include top ten prizes of $1,000 each and 50 merit prizes of $50 worth of vouchers each.

Top 10 entries50 merit entries

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